Hey there, I'm Melea! A born + raised Texas girl with an entrepreneurial spirit and an eye for fashion dedicated to helping you become the man you want to be. With that mission in mind and after a stint in the corporate world, I founded Jackson Dean + Co in 2017.

Jackson Dean + Co is in the business to help good guys dress great. We're the perfect mix of timelessness and edge. We specialize in curating the best men's apparel, accessories, grooming, and home goods.

I personally take the time to select for my customer, but I always have in mind the two men whose legacies' loom large in my family:

JACKSON – Independent, individualistic, a bit of a rogue. He was always larger than life with a boisterous laugh and contagious personality. No one could resist him. Legend has it that he jumped a creek to leave home in 1923 on an Indian motorcycle. He roamed the country until a little redhead named Violet caught his eye and settled him down. Four children and nine grandchildren later, he never ceased to entertain with tall-tales of barehanded bear hunting. He chased his dreams…he shared his dreams…his style, like the man, is about taking the risk. Edgy and never, ever dull. 

DEAN – Strong, solid, as honest as they come. He was a business man, a bit shy, with blazing blue eyes that terrified competitors and mesmerized the ladies. Loved by many…respected by all. Character and quality allowed him to turn a backyard venture into a multimillion dollar business. He worked for his dreams…he shared his dreams…his style, like the man, is about timelessness. Durable, but never, ever dull.

So, whether you identify more as a Jackson or a Dean, we’ve got something to fit your style.

JD+Co began online but we now have a brick and mortar shop in the historic and super cool Plaza District of Oklahoma City. Shop with us here online 24/7, or I would love to have you in the shop. I’d be happy to share a cocktail and a Jackson tall-tale with you!